What should the Staff be doing?

May 1, 2019|
George, one of my parishioners, came into my office with a solution to a problem. I think he had heard that finances were tight and that I was going to be appealing to the congregation to support the ministry of the church financially. Now George was a good man, a sincere Christian man who had […] read more

Paint the Property

St Joseph’s church, (name changed to protect the guilty) was an old building established many moons ago. It was showing its age. The external appearance was unimpressive. The gardens needed tender love and care. The adjacent church hall had been built in happier times and looked old and neglected. The church sign was almost entirely […] read more

Offertory Crisis

January 15, 2019|
It Is not unusual in churches for offertories to lag behind what is required to sustain their ministry. This causes particular consternation towards the end of the year. It is not merely because of the current shortfall but it also casts gloom over the planning for next year. Some years ago, when I was on […] read more

To raise money for ministry, you need a great leader… like Jim.

December 18, 2018|
Early last year a church leader named Jim purchased a copy of my book Giving Generously and soon after requested a dozen copies for the church elders. This is a good strategy apart from the obvious fact of increased book sales for me!! The reason is that the whole leadership team gets to learn about […] read more

All we need is just the cost of a cup of Coffee

November 15, 2018|
St James Church had a problem. Offertories were down for reasons nobody seemed to understand. This had been apparent for five or six months. Church elders had discussed the situation at monthly meetings. In fact the longer the issue had persisted the more time had been taken up at the meetings talking about it. Nobody […] read more

The Use of Money

September 24, 2018|
Some years ago I read a wonderful little book called Jesus and Money by Ben Witherington III. He commended John Wesley’s famous sermon The Use of Money and reproduced it in his book.I pricked my ears up because I was sent by my non-church going mother to the local Methodist Sunday School. One of the […] read more

An Historic Giving Campaign

August 20, 2018|
Kiama is a wonderful seaside township about two hours’ drive south of Sydney. It sits abreast of a spectacularly beautiful coastline highlighted by the famous Kiama blow hole. The Anglican Church in the town is located on a headland with one of the most magnificent views in the state. Christ Church has been a vital […] read more

The Paradox of Generosity

Consider this verse.A generous person will prosper;  whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Prov 11:25Now maybe you are thinking, that’s crazy. How can giving stuff away be a good thing? How could that be a bright idea? Won’t that diminish me? If you are thinking that you are in very good company. However it a biblical truth […] read more

Ask: Confidently, Clearly but not Coercively

June 5, 2018|
In my book Giving Generously: Resourcing Local Church Ministry I stress the importance of asking for resources. This is in contrast to fretting, wishing, hoping, complaining or dithering. I know history records certain great believers who simply waited on God for their ministry needs.  I, for one, do not wish in any way to decry […] read more

You need a good treasurer

March 16, 2018|
When I became Rector( senior minister in Anglican speak) of Figtree Anglican Church  I inherited a very good voluntary treasurer. He was competent , pleasant and wise. After about four years he told me that as he had been in the role for quite some time, he would stand down after another year giving me […] read more