Tithers or Tippers

November 10, 2019|
I have heard a preacher lament that most of his congregation were tippers rather than tithers. He meant of course that when it came to giving, he felt the people were giving the ‘loose change’ of their income rather than proactively and conscientiously planning to give a tithe, ten percent of their income,to God’s work. […] read more

No Worries

October 2, 2019|
Driving through Brisbane I saw a neon sign in a couple of locations. It said,‘Worry works. 90% of what I worry about never happens.’Funny but true! Yet we do worry about health, about family or about employment.  Often we worry about money. I certainly get this. I am retired and in the back of the […] read more


September 2, 2019|
In January 2019 the University of Sydney announced that it had reached a target of $ 1 Billion dollars raised from donations to the University’s Inspire campaign that had been started in 2009. Yes, the figure I quoted was one billion dollars. That is not a mistake.So what did they do? ‘What was the secret […] read more

William Robert Black: A Gospel Patron

August 1, 2019|
At the back of the St Andrews Uniting Church in Brisbane CBD there is a stained glass window to the memory of a forgotten gospel patron, William Robert Black. Gospel Patrons is the name of a very helpful book by John Rinehard and tells the story of the little known philanthropists who financially supported seminal […] read more

George Whitefield and Asking for Resources

There is a statue of the George Whitefield in the grounds of the University of Pennsylvania of which he was a co-founder. On the statue are the following words by Benjamin Franklin one of America’s greatest sons. Franklin was not a believer but nevertheless a long-time friend of Whitefield.  The inscription reads: ‘I knew him […] read more

To Tithe or Not to Tithe: That is the Question

The subject of tithing is highly controversial and can raise stormy passions. I spent some months researching this topic for my book Giving Generously.  Sometimes, in reading some authors you think you may be sent to outer darkness if you come down on what they considered to be the wrong side of the discussion. To […] read more

What should the Staff be doing?

May 1, 2019|
George, one of my parishioners, came into my office with a solution to a problem. I think he had heard that finances were tight and that I was going to be appealing to the congregation to support the ministry of the church financially. Now George was a good man, a sincere Christian man who had […] read more

Paint the Property

St Joseph’s church, (name changed to protect the guilty) was an old building established many moons ago. It was showing its age. The external appearance was unimpressive. The gardens needed tender love and care. The adjacent church hall had been built in happier times and looked old and neglected. The church sign was almost entirely […] read more

Offertory Crisis

January 15, 2019|
It Is not unusual in churches for offertories to lag behind what is required to sustain their ministry. This causes particular consternation towards the end of the year. It is not merely because of the current shortfall but it also casts gloom over the planning for next year. Some years ago, when I was on […] read more

To raise money for ministry, you need a great leader… like Jim.

December 18, 2018|
Early last year a church leader named Jim purchased a copy of my book Giving Generously and soon after requested a dozen copies for the church elders. This is a good strategy apart from the obvious fact of increased book sales for me!! The reason is that the whole leadership team gets to learn about […] read more