Please contact me and tell me of your experiences in raising resources. I would also love to hear your opinions about the book and whether it has helped you in your ministry or how it could be improved. For overseas readers I can certainly supply copies but the appropriate international postage will have to be added. Alternatively I hope that an electronic version of Giving Generously will soon be available.

About Rod Irvine 

  After training as a high school science teacher, Rod Irvine completed a doctorate in physics at the University of Queensland. He then studied for the Anglican ministry at Moore College Sydney and was ordained in Brisbane.

  For twenty years he was senior minister at Figtree Anglican Church in Wollongong, Australia. To further his leadership and help address the increasing organisational complexity of the church, he completed an MBA from the University of Wollongong. During his time at Figtree the general offertory increased seven fold. In addition several million dollars were raised for a new auditorium and other ministry projects.

  He has been married to Helen since 1971 and they enjoy spending time with five adult children and their families, including ten grandchildren. Rod is now retired and living in Brisbane, where he researches leadership, coaches emerging leaders, reads widely, plays internet chess and loves walking with Helen.

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