Rob Grimmett , former rector’s warden, Figtree Anglican Church, NSW

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April 10, 2017

While initially I expressed support for Rod to implement the program outlined in this book in our church, my support, selfishly, was only half-hearted. In one sense, arguing against the principles he explains here is like arguing against motherhood. But for me this was more than an issue of principles—it affected my finances! So began another chapter in my spiritual growth, trusting God as I contributed far more than common sense dictated and certainly a lot more than I was used to giving. I haven’t yet arrived, but I am further on that journey. Many others in our church had a similar experience over the years. Almost needless to say, the secondary benefit was seeing ministries flourish and resources developed. We have Rod to thank for leading us in this very important issue. It was his clear teaching, integrity, passion and personal example that helped us make our money “dance for God”.